#Imam #Ali (علیه السلام) Helping the #Orphans

#Imam #Ali (علیه السلام) Helping the #Orphans
Although Amir al-Muminin(A.S.) was aware of the situation in the realm of Muslims and paid special attention to the situation of the orphans, widows and the needy, he would sometimes act like an ordinary person to give lesson to rulers and to the community.
One day, he saw a woman carrying a water-skin on her back. He took the water-skin from her and placed it on his back. When he inquired about her situation, she said, “Ali ibn Abu-Talib (A.S.) sent my husband to the battle where he was killed. Now I am alone with my children and I have to work for others to make the ends meet.” Imam Ali (A.S.) returned home but had no peace of mind during the whole night. In the morning, he took a basket, put some meat, flour and dates in it and set out for the woman’s house. Some friends suggested carrying the basket but the Imam (A.S.) said, “Who will carry the heavy load for me on the Judgment Day?” Reaching the woman’s house, he knocked at the door.
“Who are you?”
“I am the man who brought the water-skin for you. Now I have brought some food for the children.”
“May Allah bless you and judge between us and Ali (A.S.).”
She opened the door. Entering the house, he said, “I wish to do some good acts. Allow me either to knead the flour and bake it or to look after the children.” The woman said, “I will knead the flour.”
Imam Ali (A.S.) too cooked the meat and fed the children with his own hand saying to each child while putting morsel in his mouth, “My son, forgive Ali (A.S.) if he has failed in his duty towards you.” When the bread was ready, the woman said, “O servant of Allah! Put fire in the oven.” He did. When flames rose up, he brought his face near the fire and said, “Taste the heat of fire. It is the punishment for those who fail in their duty towards orphans and widows.”
By chance, a woman from the neighboring house came in. Recognizing him, she cried at the woman, “Woe to you, don’t you recognize the man who is helping you? He is Amir al-Muminin (A.S.)!” The widow came forward and shamefacedly cried, “Curse and shame to me. I beg your pardon.” The Imam (A.S.) said, “No, I beg your pardon, for I failed in my duty towards you.”
(Al-Manaqib: 115/2)

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